Solids Readiness Checklist – Little Chompions

Solids Readiness Checklist

Feeding Safety Checklist

Make sure your baby and their crew are ready to start the food journey by reviewing the checklist below: 

  • Pediatrician sign off Our pediatrician gave us the okay to start trying food (generally at 4-6 months)
  • Nutritional needs We confirmed serving sizes for our baby (every baby is different and has different needs!)
  • Allergy check We discussed familial allergy list with our pediatrician and received advice on how to proceed
  • Head control While seated, our baby can keep their head up without it falling back or to the side 
  • Seat check We have a chair that supports our baby well for eating (e.g. a highchair)
  • No-no foods We know what foods to never give our baby based on allergies, choking hazards and age