Little Chompions

Developmental Kits With Detailed Guides To Make Feeding Your Baby Easy, Simple & Fun



We package all the tools needed to feed your baby with confidence in one kit.


Our booklets provide straightforward guidance on feeding your baby & food ideas.


Our kits reduce the stress of feeding your baby, letting you actually enjoy meal time! 

Made for Parents, Backed by Expertise

With our Little Chompions kits, we’ve gathered all the items you need to support your baby’s early food journey in an easy, fun and simple manner. Created by a pediatric speech therapist with 10+ years experience.


As a parent and pediatric speech therapist with more than 10 years of experience, I have had the opportunity to work with children and their families to prepare them for more positive, successful feeding experiences.

I want to empower other families who aren’t experts in the field to have fun feeding with their baby. With the right tools and the right guidance, I believe every family can feel prepared, confident, and excited to feed their little chompion — and treat meals as a way to connect and bond with their child!


I wish these kits were around when we had our first (or second). Knowing what we now know, this is a fantastic gift for first time parents. Figuring out what to feed your kids is hard enough, there's no need to add stress to figuring out how to feed them. This kit does the trick! Great quality items, comforting for the parents, and comes with the right advice at the right time.

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We love these kits! The booklets are so handy for getting information and inspiration! I love that everything is dishwasher-safe and the different spoons and cups have been great for helping our daughter get used to new eating experiences! The plates are super sturdy and suction onto the table really well, which helps us feel confident letting our kiddo dig into her meals!


The guides are amazing with so many tips and great information. It really built my confidence in introducing various foods. Yes, meal time can be messy but now it is very enjoyable, and dinner (especially) has become a bonding experience for the family (as we all eat together). I also loved the kits that came with the guides. Everything is dishwasher safe and the items in the kit are so useful.


I love it!! The booklets are super helpful and informative. And I really love all the silicon items. Lots of stuff that I didn't know with my first child. The reference materials are really nice to keep in the drawer with kid stuff. They are a good size and won't get ruined when they get wet. Wish I had these kits with my first child!