The Makings Of A Chompion – Little Chompions

The Makings Of A Chompion

You finally have breast and bottle feeding down and then – BAM! You’re told it’s time to start eating food. These tiny humans keep us on our toes to say the least.

As a parent, I understand it can be stressful making choices for your baby in general. But there is something extra that comes with getting your baby ready to eat food. As a pediatric speech therapist with more than 10 years of experience, I have had the opportunity to work with children and their families to prepare them for more positive, successful feeding experiences.

I know firsthand that every baby is unique, and how important it is to make feeding a joyful part of every family’s day. I was able to use my knowledge and experience when feeding my own child. Now, I want to empower other families who aren’t experts in the field to have fun feeding with their baby. With the right tools and the right guidance, I believe every family can feel prepared, confident, and excited to feed their little chompion — and treat meals as a way to connect and bond with their child!

With our Little Chompions developmental kits, we’ve gathered all the items you need to initiate and support your baby’s early food journey in an easy, simple, and fun manner. Each kit includes:

  • Feeding items: Developmentally appropriate products to aid your baby as they start eating solid foods. All products were chosen to make life easier (read: dishwasher or laundry safe; usable in the microwave and or freezer).

  • Toolkit guide: We explain what each item is, when you should introduce it, and how to introduce and use each item. You’ll be empowered and an expert in no time!

  • Feeding guide: Making meals for your baby can be tiresome, especially if they aren’t yet eating the same foods as you (hello bacon!!). Step-by-step feeding guides are included in your kit to help you know what to do and how to serve various foods to your baby.

  • Development tips: Did you know gagging teaches your baby how to eat more safely, and how to avoid choking? Knowing the difference between gagging and choking is critical for safety and development. Our guide covers this and even more topics so you can start feeding with confidence.

Now You Can Sit Back And Relax. We’ve Got You Covered For Starting Your Baby's Food Journey.