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Our Story

Welcome to Little Chompions, a place where feeding your baby becomes a joyful and bonding experience. As co-founders and moms ourselves, we, Nathalie Pramanik and Monica Phillips, understand the unique challenges and joys that come with feeding a little one.

I’m Monica Phillips, M.E.d., CCC-SLP, a feeding therapist and pediatric speech therapist with over 15 years of experience. My journey in this field has been deeply fulfilling, working closely with children and their families to create positive and successful feeding experiences. Beyond my work at Little Chompions, I also own and run a speech therapy practice, where I continue to apply my expertise to help more families. My personal experiences as a mother have intertwined seamlessly with my professional knowledge, allowing me to approach feeding therapy with a unique blend of empathy and skill.

Nathalie Pramanik, my partner in this venture, brings a rich background in business and startups. When Nathalie had her baby, she quickly realized how overwhelming and stressful the first year can be, especially regarding feeding. Conversations about breast feeding, purees, and baby-led weaning were frequent and often filled with anxiety and uncertainty. Recognizing this common challenge among parents, Nathalie teamed up with me to combine her business acumen with my expertise in child development, giving birth to Little Chompions.

Together, we want to empower families who aren’t experts in the field to have fun and make good decisions while feeding their baby. With the right tools and guidance, we believe every family can feel prepared, confident, and excited to feed their little chompion — turning meals into an opportunity to connect and bond.

As parents, we get it. Every baby is unique, and feeding should be a delightful part of every family’s day. Through Little Chompions, we aim to make this a reality for families everywhere.


Monica Phillips, M.Ed., CCC-SLP & Nathalie Pramanik


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