Feeding Videos – Little Chompions

Feeding Videos

Feel Like You Need To See It In Action? We Got You!

Any visual learners in the house? Raise your hand! Our hand is raised (and high) right there with you. Check out our friends Feeding Littles for feeding videos.

We love these videos because they provide a visual preview before you start feeding your Little Chompion. They’ve also captured various gags on video, which can be helpful to see so you’re better prepared when starting to feed your baby. We’re an affiliate of Feeding Littles, which means: discount code for you! 

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Why it matters

The science is clear - introducing allergens to a baby early, and keeping them in their diet, is the easiest and most effective way of preventing food allergies. But we've been there, introducing allergens to a baby can also be stressful, scary and overwhelming. We're here to provide the information you need to tackle allergen introduction so you can focus on a fun and happy mealtime for your family