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Our Free Allergen Introduction Guide

Introduce allergens to your baby with confidence! Our simple PDF download guides you through introducing the main allergens, so that you can feel at ease when feeding your little one.

Created in partnership between Little Chompions and Niki Abrams, the pediatric dietician behind NutureWell Nutrition.


The science is clear

Introducing allergens to a baby early, and keeping them in their diet, is the easiest and most effective way of preventing food allergies.

We got you

We've been there, introducing allergens to a baby can be stressful, scary and overwhelming. We're here to provide the information you need to tackle allergen introduction so you can focus on a fun and happy mealtime for your family

What Our Customers Say

I LOVE that the guide includes a tracker!! Soooooo helpful!!!


Tiana Gannon

When I was introducing peanuts to my baby, I didn't know that I needed to introduce an allergen multiple times. My son had a reaction the second time he had peanuts, when I thought we were in the clear. This would have saved me a lot of anxiety!


Cydney Harper

As a second time mom, I had forgotten what I was supposed to do for introducing allergens. This guide was perfect for refreshing my memory - simple, clear, and easy to follow

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Emi Jay

This is a great resource for new parents!

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Jill Weissman