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Welcome to Little Chompions, where we believe every step of your baby's feeding journey should be supported with the right tools and information. Our curated kits are designed to meet your needs at every age and developmental stage, ensuring you receive the products you need, just when you need them.

While our kits offer comprehensive solutions, we understand that sometimes you may only need select items. Whether you're starting with one of our later kits or simply need a few spares of your favorite items, we've got you covered.

Missing a critical item from a prior kit? No problem. Whether it's our first cup for those starting with the 6-9 month kit or the honeybear for those beginning with the 9-12 month kit, you can find what you need in our selection.

Ready to tailor your feeding journey? Head over to our "Shop Products" tab and discover the individual items you're looking for. Let's make feeding time a breeze together.

Family introducing solid food to their 9 month old baby