Future Foodie Fridays: Baby's First Sushi – Little Chompions
Future Foodie Fridays: Baby's First Sushi

Future Foodie Fridays: Baby's First Sushi

Future Foodie Fridays: Baby's First Sushi

Welcome to Future Foodie Fridays by Little Chompions, our weekly meal suggestions designed to expand the palates of babies and toddlers. In today’s post, we're venturing into the world of sushi. Often reserved for adult taste buds, with some tweaks, sushi can be a delightful treat even for our youngest budding food enthusiasts. With over 15 years of expertise in feeding therapy, we're here to guide you and your little one on this delicious journey. Wondering about baby-friendly sushi? Dive right in! And always feel free to share your sushi questions or any other food-related queries in the comments below.

Why Sushi for Babies?

Sushi, often hailed as a symbol of the adventurous eater, can send even some grown-ups into a hesitant pause. So, it's no wonder that many eyebrows raise at the thought of introducing it to our littlest diners. But here's a fun twist: sushi can be a star player in your baby's solid food journey! Diving early into a world of varied textures and tastes is like a sensory playground for those budding taste buds. These formative food experiences can help you steer clear of future picky eater phases and avoid sensory issues. By letting your baby explore a roll or two, you're not just serving a meal; you're building a foundation for an open-minded, future foodie!

So, can babies eat sushi? Yes! Moreover, if sushi is a regular part of your family's food rotation, it's beneficial for your baby to join in. Meals are not just about nutrition but are also social and learning experiences. Letting your baby eat what the family enjoys can foster a sense of inclusion and curiosity about food.

Rolling it Out at Home

Making sushi at home can be fun! If you're up for the challenge, creating sushi can be an activity for the entire family. Your little one can be a part of the process, choosing fillings, sprinkling the rice, and with guidance, rolling up their sushi masterpiece. Here's a beginner's guide to get you started. But if that’s not your thing, don’t stress. If you're ordering take out or dining at a sushi restaurant, just add a baby-friendly roll or two to your order.

making sushi at home for your baby

A Word of Caution on Seaweed, Sodium, and Babies

Nori, or seaweed, integral to sushi, might be texturally challenging for some babies. If you observe any difficulty, you can always deconstruct the sushi roll and present the nori in bite-sized pieces. Starting with a deconstructed roll can be less daunting and allows babies to explore each component.

A word of caution: While dipping sushi in soy sauce can be fun, especially for toddlers who love the act of dipping, it's wise to be wary of the sodium content. The recommended sodium intake for babies under 6 months is 110mg/day and for babies 7-12 months is 370 mg/day. For reference, one teaspoon of reduced-sodium soy sauce is 177 mg. Toddlers can have a little more sodium, with a recommended intake of 800 mg/day for toddlers 1-3 years old.
For that reason, it's best to skip the soy sauce altogether for babies under one year old. For toddlers, if you choose to introduce it, ensure it's in moderation.

Familiar Flavors First

Starting with what your baby already loves is a surefire way to make the sushi experience a positive one. While avocado rolls are a favorite recommendation, if your child leans towards the sweetness of sweet potatoes, that's an equally fantastic starting point.

Sushi Roll Recommendations

Looking for sushi without raw fish? Here are some rolls to consider: 

  • Avocado Roll: Creamy avocado paired with sushi rice.
  • Philadelphia Roll: A mix of smoked salmon, cream cheese, and sometimes cucumber.
  • Tamago (Egg) Roll: Sweet and savory egg omelette.
  • Sweet Potato Roll: Often features tempura sweet potato.
  • Mushroom Roll: A selection of mushrooms, often sautéed.
  • Cucumber Roll: Refreshing cucumber simplicity.

sushi roll suggestions for babies and toddlers

When selecting a sushi roll, keep in mind the textures of the ingredients in the rolls, and match them to your baby’s chewing capabilities. Some ingredients like cucumber may be a little crunchy for a brand new eater, but fun and perfectly safe for a baby that is crunching on the regular. Similarly, cooked shrimp can be a choking hazard, so while it is a popular roll without raw fish, it isn't the best choice for babies and toddler.

Lastly, consider possible allergens in the sushi you are selecting. For example, if you have not yet introduced shell-fish to your baby, a tempura shrimp roll is not the way to start! Allergens are best introduced one at a time, and not combined with other ingredients to avoid any confusion about what is causing a potential reaction. For more tips on introducing allergens, check out our post all about navigating food allergies

A TikTok Treat

For some sushi-inspired giggles, check out the embedded TikTok video. It features a toddler with a sushi obsession that's too cute to miss!

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That's a wrap on our sushi exploration for our young foodies! Questions? Suggestions? Share them in the comments. We're dedicated to making feeding both enjoyable and enriching for you and your little one. Explore our range of feeding gear and essentials to enhance your baby's culinary adventures. Until the next Future Foodie Friday, happy feeding!

sushi roll suggestions for babies including avocado rolls and more